Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deron Williams for Amare Stoudemire?

About a week into my fantasy league season... Right now I'm in 3rd place with 47.5 points (8 category, 10 team rotisserie league). One thing is evident, blocks and rebounds have been scarce in the league. Teams with big men have been inundated with trade offers. Here's what my team looks like, using the spreadsheet:

Current Team

My first thought is my team for sure could use some big men. I'm a little low on rebounds (0.96 times the average) but blocks weren't as bad as I thought (1.09 times the average). I'm definitely relying on Bogut a LOT.

I was offered a trade of Amare Stoudamire for Deron Williams. Amare would help me a ton on rebounds, and help in blocks too I would think. So I took out Williams and plugged in Stoudemire, and got this:

Minus Deron Williams, adding Amare Stoudemire

If you compare my Team Average Total with Amare (1.11) versus with Deron Williams (1.14), it looks like my team is better off staying with Deron Williams. The major drop in assists and 3's didn't make up for the gain in rebounds and blocks.

Since this trade would allow me more positional flexibility (I have a ton of guards), I added Aaron Brooks to the mix (who I barely play, but would play more if Williams was traded). I got this:

Adding Aaron Brooks to the mix since he would get more playing time
My team average total is still lower (1.12) than if I hadn't made the trade (1.14). Looks like Deron Williams is too valuable for me to deal.

This exercise has taught me a couple of valuable things: 1. Don't make the trade! 2. Bogut was a GREAT draft pick (and PLEASE stay healthy!) 3. I should really focus on FG and FT percentage instead of blocks.

I'm going to stay away from the meat market right now for shot blocking big men and concentrate on other categories. 

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